Booklet: Strong On Your Own: Your journey to personal and financial confidence after the loss of your husband

Lori Siegel has seen her mother (twice) and many clients and friends lose their husband. Her experiences inspired her to create a new resource for widows in the Houston area.

Lori shares personal stories from clients who have experienced loss. She adds a powerful Grieving Person’s Bill of Rights which acknowledges that we can never fully heal, but we can begin the healing process. 

Checklist: Helping You Gain Confidence After the Loss of Your Husband

A valuable checklist for widows.

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Maximize the Wealth from Your Business

Whether you are selling a business or hoping to transition it to the next generation, unlocking real and liquid wealth from your own business can be a complex and lengthy process.

Lori Siegel, CFP®, CRPC®, CEPA is one of the few financial advisors in Texas to earn a Certified Exit Planning Advisor designation from the Exit Planning Institute.

Click here for a checklist to discover questions to ask yourself to make sure you are “Prepared” or “Ready” to transition your business. 

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