Helping Widows Organize Their Finances in Their Time of Grief

Widows can face tough, sometimes devastating years of healing.

You may have concerns about protecting your nest egg, replacing income, or making sure you take care of your family.

You may also wonder about planning for your own future, arranging for healthcare, or affording long-term-care insurance.

You may have questions such as:

  • How much can you spend without having to worry about running out of money?
  • Can you afford your desired lifestyle especially when it comes to retirement?
  • What smart choices can you make now to get organized and invest for the long-term?

Today, grief and healing may consume you.  You may be looking for someone who will walk beside you to watch out for your best interest . . . someone who can add organization and structure to your financial planning and investing.

Centrix Wealth Partners can help you map out your financial future for a higher degree of comfort and greater control over your wealth.

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