Your Kid’s Summer Job Could Help Pay for their Retirement

Who doesn’t remember their first job? Whether it’s babysitting or scooping ice cream or waiting tables, getting a job is a great way for a young person to learn responsibility. It’s also a great way to build generational wealth through a custodial Roth IRA.

A custodial Roth IRA is opened by a parent on behalf of their underage child, and there is no minimum age to start contributing. The only stipulation is that your child be earning income. So, when your kid starts lifeguarding or mowing lawns, you can contribute their earnings (currently up to $6,500 per year) into their Roth IRA. The money in the account will grow tax-free. The contributions can be withdrawn without penalty at any time, but the gains can’t be withdrawn tax-free until your child turns 59 ½. If they do withdraw earnings before then, there will be a 10% tax penalty.

Delayed gratification is hard – especially when your kid wants to spend their summer salary on concert tickets. You have to save up a small fortune these days just to see Beyoncé! But in this case, the future savings are well worth the patience. To quote Queen Bey, “my great-great-grandchildren already rich,” so if you want to be like Beyoncé, it’s time to get your kids and grandkids a custodial Roth IRA.

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